Table for One: An Alternative Fish & Chips

Cooking for one is hard. It really is.    It’s not hard in the actual physical activity of it. I walk to my kitchen an average of 17 times a night to look in my cupboards or fridge to see if anything I want to eat miraculously, by divine intercession, showed up there. So far, …

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Wants and Needs

Is it a want or a need? That’s a statement I have used most of my life when it comes to budgeting decisions, thanks in most part to my beautiful, witty mother, Mary Linda. In my college apartment, I had an index card taped to the frame of my front door that said, “Is it …

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Growth and Gratitude

I’m currently sitting on my couch. In the house I’m renting from a friend. Sunlight is streaming in my western-facing kitchen window. My front door is open and I can hear a chainsaw and the kids running around across the street (as I read this back, this sentence sounds like kids are running with chainsaws, …

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